Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee’s love story can beat the best of the Bollywood stories too.  The story started taking shape in 2008 when Dhawan was still nowhere close to making it to international cricket.

It was one of those lazy days when Shikhar was casually surfing Facebook and came across Ayesha’s profile. Dhawan soon hawan soon found out that Harbhajan was a mutual friend and there was no looking back from thereon. Blown away by Ayesha’s charming looks, Dhawan sent a friend request to Ayesha who accepted it within few hours. Soon after that, he sent a message to Ayesha, and that marked the beginning of their friendship.

Little did they know then that their Facebook friendship was just the beginning of a journey they were going to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee
Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee

The relationship grew stronger and they eventually tied the knot in 2012. The beautiful love story must have made you more curious about Ayesha Mukherjee.

So here we take a look at some of the lesser known facts related to Ayesha:

  1. Ayesha’s parents’ love story is perhaps more interesting than her’s. Ayesha’s mother was a British while her father was an Indian Bengali. Both her parents used to work in a factory, where they met and fell in love. However, after Ayesha’s birth they shifted to Australia, where she completed her schooling and graduation.

But it has not made Ayesha forget about the Indian culture. Dhawan says that his wife is more Indian than he is! Ayesha is a very religious person at heart, can speak Bengali very fluently and can cook yummy Indian dishes.

pastedGraphic.png ¬ Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee first interacted through Facebook


  1. Shikhar Dhawan’s wife holds dual nationality because of her British mother and Indian father.
  2. Born on 2nd August 1975, Ayesha is ten year elder to Dhawan. Dhawan’s family was initially not happy with the age-difference but eventually bowed in front of the cricketer’s love.
  3. Just like Dhawan, Ayesha is also related to sports. She is a trained kickboxer and maintains a similar fitness regime even now.
  4. While the wedding was Dhawan’s first and hopefully last, it was not so for Ayesha. She was previously married to an Australian businessman which ended in a divorce. She has two daughters from her first marriage – Rhea and Aliyah. Their first daughter, Aliyah, was born in 2000 and their second daughter, Rhea, was born in the year 2005.

1__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphic.png ¬ Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee tied the knot in 2012.


  1. Shikhar and Ayesha got engaged back in 2009. The marriage was on the cards but Dhawan wanted to postpone it in order to focus more on his career. They finally tied the knot in 2012 in a traditional Sikh marriage on 30th October in presence of many star cricketers like Virat Kohli and other Indian teammates.
  2. Ayesha’s daughters from her first marriage, Rhea and Aliyah stay along with her and Dhawan. The couple had a son together in 2014 and named him Zoravar.




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